Seaport Maintenance

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Jan 112021
Seaport Maintenance

  I’ve been working on the Seaport Maintenance facility. I engraved and cut the exterior brick structures on my Cricut Maker.

Nov 152019
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Seattle Lighting

Seattle Lighting has a large warehouse and retail store that will be modeled on the layout. The warehouse is no longer served by rail, but the adjacent ODOM Lead track is used to store cars for “the hole”.   My model will be a compressed 6 foot long and feature 4 of the 5 arched [...]

Oct 192014
How Deep is Your Flange?

I spent a good portion of my modeling time this summer modifying and super-detailing three Peco turnouts. I replaced the frogs with Details West #8 Manganese frogs, filed new guard rails, added fish plates and rail braces. The process was fairly simple, but time consuming.   Unfortunately, my gorgeous manganese frogs don’t work. The Details [...]

Back in Business

  It’s been a real long time. I spent the summer focused on 1:1 trains and couldn’t find the interest to continue on with The Industrial Lead. But the last couple of weeks I’ve been back at it. I’ve given up on Proto:87 and handlaying track in HO. I laid all my track (save one [...]


I think I’ve known for a couple of months, but I didn’t want to admit it. Proto:87 isn’t going to work with The Industrial Lead layout. My initial tests were  positive: I set up a simple test track with Peco flex track and a modified Peco turnout; I ran an SD40-2 and a car or two [...]

Nov 052013
Hard Times for Hand Laying

Hard Times for Hand Laying I’ve hand laid a 3′ section around a 24″ radius corner. There are some minor dips in the track. Proto:87 cars run fine. A 6 axle loco with P:87 wheels won’t make the curve. It’s obvious now why you need smooth flat track or some sort of working suspension. The 6 axle [...]

Tie Plate News

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Oct 252013
Tie Plate News

. Cosmetic Tie Plates I received the Proto 87 Stores cosmetic tie plates this afternoon. I was hoping to use them with code 70 rail on the lighter weight sections of the layout. The feature that got me interested in them was the 4 holes for spiking and the absence of the simulated spike heads [...]

Sleight of Hand

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Oct 242013
Sleight of Hand

A break from building turnouts I decided to try something more relaxing: hand laying track. Why did I think this was going to be a real chore? Guess what. It’s fun to lay track! And it’s even more fun building track in place on the layout. After spending the last nine or ten months unsuccessfully building what [...]

Finishing & Staining Wood Ties - Video

Finishing & Staining Wood Ties I’ve already glued my ties to the roadbed. I used Kappler 8′ 6″ wood cross ties (KP00SS86-HO) I purchased from Proto87 Stores. I sand my wood ties to flatten them all to the same level. I used a sharpening stone to good effect. I also use a small emery board [...]

Turnout Burnout

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Sep 252013
Turnout Burnout

I have to admit I’m getting tired of trying to build the perfect turnout. Am I too focused on perfection? I keep looking at the turnouts I build and see something that is not right. I’m currently working on a #9 turnout that relies a lot less on jigs. There were a couple goals I wanted [...]

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